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Teas & Shakes

Bubble, fruit, milk and Boba teas that deliver a boost of vitality and refreshment

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Teas, Sandwiches, Pastries & More



Tealux Café is renowned for its wide array of brilliantly refreshing bubble teas. Bubble teas date back to as early as 1980’s, originating from Taichung, Taiwan. Little did the locals of Taichung then know that the blending of fruit or milk teas with chewy tapioca or fruit jelly would create a worldwide phenomenon that bubble tea has become today.

At Tealux Café, we have every possible flavour of bubble tea you can think of, made with the freshest of ingredients, to deliver nothing but goodness in a sip.

Complementing our wide array of bubble teas are a variety of Banh Mi sandwiches, a fusion baguette sandwich that borrows the best of ingredients and techniques from French and Vietnamese cuisines. 

A large selection of pastries and shakes round off our café’s offerings, making it the perfect place to grab refreshing meal, beverage or snack.